Tanja Markuš

Last year, a war cemetery was inaugurated in Podgorica for the remain of 64 German soldiers fallen in Montenegro during the Second World War, an unpopular move among many Montenegrin citizens, who remain rightfully grounded in their antifascist ideology. One citizen, Tanja Markuš, inspired by the life and actions of Ukrainian WWII heroin Tanja Markus (not related) decided to intervene in the ceremony after she mistakenly received an invitation. She showed up with a red flower arrangement.. shaped like a star🌷☭🌷


« Rad ne kritikuje ovaj civilizacijski čin sahranjivanja postmrtnih ostataka, već kritikuje netransparentnost samog dprovođenja događaja. NOB je tekovina naroda, a ne države. Na narodu je da miri i da prašta… » -Tanja Markuš

[« The work does not criticize the civility of the burial of mortal remains, but the non transparency of the event. The act of forgiveness is for the people to engage in, not the state, it is up to the people to heal and forgive »]


I had the pleasure of attending Tanja’s exhibition opening in Cetinje on the 9th of November this year. ‘The Inner Poetry of Strategic Planning » on until the 4th of December at Atelje DADO.


Her pieces explore the ways in which institutions use people’s culture as instruments for the purpose of social engineering, particularly in intergovernmental contexts. She works as a visual artist and within the NGO Women’s Rights Center (Centar za Ženska Prava Podgorica) and uses text from strategic papers she has come across within her line of work.



photos of the artist in the gallery by me

link to the exhibition catalogue

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