Shitty Shoot

Out of eleven photographers I have worked with so far in these past three weeks, only one crossed the line, and his response to my voicing my discomfort is very telling – he blocked me on the modelling site to prevent me from replying something visible to the admin team. If you think I’m making this up, think about this, why would he need to block me? Anyway, here is the message exchange that took place, I’m posting it here because the portfolio site has a « no name and shame » policy so unfortunately I am unable to warn other models there, but this is my site and I can do what I want.

ME: Hi Murray,

Thank you for the photos. They came out much darker than I expected but I like a few Smile I don’t like the ones in the crawl space, could you please not use those? The editing comes off a bit more amateur than the rest and it gives me a feeling of being trapped or as if I were being kept as a pet, which is not my cup of tea – I wasn’t very comfortable doing it (as I told you) and I think the discomfort shows. I really like the mirror one where I’m wearing the black dress.

Have a nice weekend!

HIM: Hi Naomi, thank you for our shoot. You were bang on time.

I am not sure if you know this, but it is important you do if you are intending to work as a model. The law is very clear that the images belong to the photographer at all times for he/she to do with just as they please. The model has no say in the matter unless there is some pre-existing contractual arrangement.
In terms of your modelling, I would say that it is rather lazy and amateurish. I won’t be using any of the pictures.

To achieve a degree of professionalism, you will need to tone your body in the gym or in yoga. Whatever, you need to be more flexible and muscular. Your rather stroppy, know it all attitude during the shoot won’t get you far either. Sorry to be harsh, but this is a tough competitive industry and being pretty is just not enough. I think focussing on bondage or shibari shoots as you described is a good way forward for you.

I am surprised you say you did not enjoy the loft. I thought you came alive up there and most of the shots up have you sporting a huge grin.

Remember the old aphorism ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’ and you won’t go far wrong in this business. 

Best wishes for the future, Murray

ME (via email): Hi Murray,

I understand why you blocked me on purpleport, so that I cannot reply something visible to the admin team, but since I have your email address I may as well tell you what I think here 🙂

The way you were observing me in your kitchen made me feel uncomfortable, the way you were telling me « what a sexy romp you have » made me very uncomfortable, you were my 9th shoot out of 11 so far in two weeks and you are the only photographer who commented on my body in that way. My energy levels dropped because you made me uncomfortable with your behavior, especially after telling me that « photographers sometimes push models because they want to be pushed ». It is because of my professionalism that you thought I looked comfortable in your crawl space, I managed to partially mask my discomfort well, though I told you I felt uncomfortable and your reply was « modelling isn’t about being comfortable », so obviously you knew. You also touched my butt to move me which was completely unnecessary, and it crossed the line when you tucked the shirt into my crack. I understand that some people might be okay with that, I’m not and that is valid.

As for use of the images, you didn’t pay me (for the modelling) and I didn’t sign a release form, so whatever is standard in terms of legal agreements is irrelevant because we didn’t establish one, which is doubly irrelevant anyway because as you said, you don’t like the images.

I love my body and am only interested in working with people who want to photograph it as it is, which is going well so far, you’re the only one to comment on it 🙂 It’s fine to not gel with everyone, we evidently have very different energies and expectations. I have no interest in getting into a back and forth about this so fortunately this will be the last you will be hearing from me^^

Have a lovely weekend and take care of yourself!



Notice how he lied about me feeling comfortable in his loft so that the admin team wouldn’t know? This man is evidently a predator (who knew to immediately cover his tracks by blocking me) and he has two negative references on the portfolio site (which I unfortunately cannot add to because otherwise he will give me one and I do not have enough references yet for it to go unnoticed as I only joined the site three weeks ago, and who knows how many other women have abstained from giving him a reference for that very reason), so it is fair to say based on that and the comments he made to me that this is a recurring behavior pattern, so I will post his public details to warn others [not linking so copy paste into the address bar].

instagram: @good_eye_photos

If you want to use this information, be intelligent about it as it may jeopardize my safety. Maybe if enough of us report his social media accounts they’ll get taken down.


He only has small outfits (smaller than what I wear as a size 10) for his shoots so he evidently only targets smaller women for his nude photography. He also told me in his kitchen that he likes to surround himself with young beautiful women and that photography is the only way he could do that. Just posting that to share what may be warning signs.

He was the only shoot where I didn’t follow my instincts as it was last minute after another shoot fell through and I wanted to put my free time to good use. I now know better and it has taught me a valuable lesson. I am 100% okay, the people around me (including the other photographers I have worked with) have been fully supportive, and honestly 1 out of 11 is an anomaly, I’m doing well!

UPDATE – Managed to get him kicked off the portfolio site 🙂

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