Shitty Shoot

Out of eleven photographers I have worked with so far in these past three weeks, only one crossed the line, and his response to my voicing my discomfort is very telling – he blocked me on the modelling site to prevent me from replying something visible to the admin team. If you think I’m making this up, think about this, why would he need to block me? Anyway, here is the message exchange that took place, I’m posting it here because the portfolio site has a « no name and shame » policy so unfortunately I am unable to warn other models there, but this is my site and I can do what I want.

Tanja Markuš

Last year, a war cemetery was inaugurated in Podgorica for the remain of 64 German soldiers fallen in Montenegro during the Second World War, an unpopular move among many Montenegrin citizens, who remain rightfully grounded in their antifascist ideology. One citizen, Tanja Markuš, inspired by the life and actions of Ukrainian WWII heroin Tanja Markus (not related) decided to intervene in the ceremony after she mistakenly received an invitation. She showed up with a red flower arrangement.. shaped like a star